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Nov 30

Durable Parking Lot Paving in Wormleysburg, AZ

Durable parking lot paving in Wormleysburg, AZ, is the best way to keep your parking lot safe and looking fresh. You can find parking lot services companies who offer this service. If you want to learn more about durable parking lot paving in Wormleysburg, AZ, Call us!

What are the benefits of the durable parking lot paving in Wormleysburg, AZ?

Parking lots that have been professionally paved with asphalt last longer than parking lots that haven't had parking lot repairs done to them. The costs associated with parking lot maintenance can be significantly reduced through resurfacing an existing parking area rather than tearing it up and building a new one from scratch. Resurfaced parking areas look better, too, since they give people great enjoyment while driving on roads built for optimal vehicle performance. Additionally, all this negates dealing with additional environmental issues related to more destruction by digging out old pavement materials instead of recycling some or most of what was originally used when constructing a said parking lot.

Why should you choose asphalt over concrete for your parking lot?

Asphalt paving Wormleysburg is a cost-effective option that can be installed quickly. Asphalt parking lots are less expensive to maintain and add value to your business, home, or apartment complex with their attractive appearance. In addition, asphalt surfaces have been shown to last longer than concrete parking lots in some cases up to four times as long - parking lot paving Wormleysburg AZ. Concrete surfaces need more time for curing before they can be driven on therefore taking even longer after installing the surface. Additionally, you will see cracks forming over time that looks bad and poses a safety hazard because it allows water into the pavement below, causing potholes and other parking lot problems to occur over time.

What is the cost difference between asphalt and concrete for your parking lot project?

Parking lot paving in Wormleysburg is more expensive than asphalt for driveways. However, concrete lasts twice as long and requires little maintenance or repair. It is also much colder to walk on in winter, so it's ideal for snowy climates where ice forms easily. The cost difference between parking lot pavements can range from $20-$30 per square foot - parking lot paving Wormleysburg, AZ. Concrete costs about $50/yd while asphalt averages around $25/yd (though you'll usually see quotes of anywhere from $15-$60). Many variables affect how much concrete will cost, including thickness, rebar, reinforcement steel used at joints and other special features like stamped surfaces and colored concrete. - paving contractor Wormleysburg AZ

How do you know when it's time to replace your current pavement with new asphalt or concrete?

There are several signs that it's time to replace your current pavement with new asphalt or concrete parking lot paving. These include potholes, sunken areas, cracking, and ruts in the parking spaces. In addition, if you find yourself having more problems than usual with maintaining a clean parking space for your customers - such as oil stains from cars pulling into parking stalls - then it may be time to consider replacing the entire surface of your parking lots. 


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