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Aug 4

The paving solution's quality will determine the asphalt surfacing's longevity. A great asphalt contractor in Mt. Juliet, TN will employ quality control measures to improve the durability of asphalt. Total quality management  in Mt. Juliet begins with the aggregate materials used in the asphalt-paving project. All aggregates must be tested against strict standards.

Hot mix asphalt is the most commonly used asphalt project. Warm-mix asphalt requires a warm weather set. Cold mix asphalt is used for emergency repairs during the winter, but it will need to be replaced with a permanent hot mix patch. Plan your asphalt project for Fall or Late Spring.

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) is a technique for transforming old pavement into a base material for new paving projects. This technique involves the application of a hot layer of asphalt oil and diminutive crushed aggregate. It can also be used to seal thin cracks in asphalt overlays. However, this method is not appropriate for parking lots. It can cause tracking in hot weather. In addition, this process can lead to excessively cold temperatures. It is not recommended for paved parking lots. Don’t hesitate to contact our Paving Company  MT. Juliet if you have inquiries.

Various types of asphalt are used for different applications. They require different qualities and performance levels. An asphalt mixture's most important properties are stiffness, deformation resistance, and flexural strength. These characteristics are necessary for the asphalt to resist cracking under vehicle pressure. The mix also has good workability to allow for full compacting. The quality of asphalt also depends on how well it binds the aggregates. So, before you start planning for your asphalt project, take some time to understand the process.

In addition to reducing the risk of accidents and damage, asphalt is an easy way to protect your property. With proper maintenance, your asphalt pavement will remain safe and durable for a minimum of five years. It may even last longer than the concrete surface you're currently using. With proper care, asphalt will last 20 to 25 years. It will last for a long time and give you peace of mind. The right asphalt contractor can help you choose the best material for your property.

One important tip for using rollers is the temperature of the asphalt mix. Hot mix asphalt hardens more quickly, making it harder to compact. To avoid this, a contractor should increase the temperature of the mix before starting the asphalt paving project. Excessively high temperatures cause compaction issues, increase oxidation of asphalt cement, and create a hard, brittle pavement. Choose a mixed temperature that is appropriate for the rollers behind the paver. A cold asphalt mix cannot be compacted and will lose its strength. Call us for more information on our services - Asphalt Paving  MT. Juliet, Parking Lot Paving  MT. Juliet, Driveway Paving  MT. Juliet and Asphalt Driveway  MT. Juliet.

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