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Port Kembla Beach

Oct 14

About Port Kembla Beach

Nestled approximately 11 kilometres south of Wollongong CBD is the captivating Port Kembla Beach. Considered one of Wollongong's most prestigious beaches, it boasts a rich history from the 1900s. The first dressing sheds were erected in 1912, and the surf club became an established part of the community in 1910. Perched on the high fore dune, the surf club offers breathtaking views of the northern end of Port Kembla Beach, which is the longest in the Wollongong area at 6.6 kilometres. A large car park next door makes access a breeze and those who prefer a poolside experience. The beach is patrolled from the end of September to the end of April, making it a safe haven for swimmers. Although not a dog-friendly beach, the off-leash area for dogs begins south of the Surf Life Saving Club, so you can still bring your furry friends along to explore this idyllic setting.

Port Kembla Beach has a rich history, as bathing has been enjoyed there since the 1900s. The first dressing sheds were built in 1912, and the Port Kembla SLSC was formed in 1910. Today, the beach offers even more amenities, including a large Olympic pool on the northern rocks and a surf club perched high on the foredune. With a large car park nearby, beachgoers have easy access to all of these facilities. However, visitors should be aware of the strong rips that are prevalent here, which can be spaced anywhere from every 200-300 meters. The northern patrol area is especially prone to rips, with up to 3-4 present at any given time. The bars between the rips can alternate between being attached or detached depending on the wave conditions. Despite these challenges, Port Kembla Beach remains a much-loved destination for those looking to relax and enjoy all the beauty that the coast has to offer.

Port Kembla Beach

Things To Do at Port Kembla Beach

Swimming is a popular activity at this beach, but it's essential to be cautious and aware of potential hazards. With strong rip currents dominating the shoreline, it's important to only swim between the designated flags at both ends of the beach. Additionally, it's advised to avoid the lake entrance in the south due to strong tidal flows. However, for those who prefer to opt for more adventurous water activities, there are exceptional surfing opportunities. The beach offers plenty of swell and big beach breaks on the inner and outer bars, with the latter holding up to 2 m. If you're looking for a challenge, check out Sharkies, a patchy reef located just off the north side of Windang Island.

Finally, if fishing is your thing, the northern rocks at Red Point are known to have a deep gutter that runs out from the beach and rock gutters farther out. Gutters run all the way down the beach, with Windang Beach and the lake entrance being popular fishing spots.

Port Kembla Beach

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